It is a terminal operating system (TOS) for stevedoring company covering all working process. Systems specialized for stevedoring companies working with general and break bulk cargoes arriving to port by railroad and road transport.

System features
  • Ensuring the integrity of the process and eliminating of „double“ work
  • Gaining and management of information
  • Data centralization and standardization
  • Ensuring confidentiality of important data by role based access control
  • Automatizing data exchange with other information systems (port community system, financial)
„Cargo system“ Modules
  • Orders Management
  • Planning
  • Cargo handling
  • Register and document management
  • Billing
  • Railroad wagon management
  • Machinery and equipment management
  • Cost calculation and analysis
  • Automatic scales
  • Online orders control
  • Custom relationship management mode (CRM)
  • Permit control
The uniqueness of the product
  • Consist tool for strategic planning which is very useful for budgeting
  • Calculating real cost: allowing checking cost by customer, by order, etc.
  • Visualization tool for mooring and stevedoring planning
  • Comparison of planning cost allows to select most efficient way of
  • unloading for each ship
Advantages of „Cargo system“
  • Specialized system for stevedoring companies
  • Attractive price of the product
  • Full support and later development
  • Intuitive, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use
  • System is being presented together with user manuals and technical documentation
  • Certified product that works in sea port more than 15 years.
  • System increases competitiveness, profitability and efficiency of the enterprise and also reduces expenses