kuriame-lietuvos-ateiti    Infobalt cluster

Developing products necessary for the new economy, entering international markets and improving market positions is difficult for individual information and communication technology (ICT) market players. Results can be achieved more effectively by pooling knowledge, infrastructure, human and other resources.

Organisations operating in the Lithuanian ICT sector have a great potential for competitiveness on a global scale. On many indicators ranking highest in the world in terms of the fulfilment of business IT needs (Yearbook, 2013), highest in Europe in terms of broadband internet speed (Ookla Net Index, 2014) and highest in Central and Eastern Europe in connection with cooperation between universities and industries in the area of research and product development, Lithuania is distinguished as a particularly innovative country not only in Europe, but also worldwide (WEF Global Competitiveness).

With a view to improving, through joint efforts, cooperation, economic development and international competitiveness, IRT companies Etronika, Baltic Amber Solutions, Data House, 1ClickFactory, Duomenų centras, Informacinė raida, association INFOBALT and the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Vilnius University set up the INFOBALT Information and Communication Technology Cluster (Project No VP2-1.4-ŪM-01-K-01-014).

During the project the activities of the INFOBALT cluster are expanded to ensure that the cluster becomes an important tool for the development and rapid deployment of innovations, creating a significant synergy effect and functioning as an effective business system that determines the efficiency and effectiveness and, accordingly, economic development and international competitiveness of its members. As part of the project, studies were carried out in relation to possible market expansion and development of competitive products in target countries, including Azerbaijan, Oman, Russian, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Qatar, UAE, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Three studies on the United Kingdom, Germany and France were completed in the area of cloud computing. Marketing tools packages were prepared to attract new members, and the web page klasteris.infobalt.lt was developed for the cluster project. The purpose of participation in international events was to attract new members of the cluster in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, UAE, Azerbaijan, Russia and Mexico. International cluster presentations were held in Oman, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Three internal events were also arranged in order to improve member cooperation in cloud computing. Since the start of the project, the cluster was joined by 12 companies from Latvia, Oman and Lithuania – social partners.

In the remaining period of the project, it is planned to participate in international events, to extend and consolidate cluster activities, attract new members in Iran, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan and other countries, to organise international cluster presentations while improving visibility of the cluster and the potential for attracting new members in Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, Poland and Latvia. Four internal events are also intended to take place in Lithuania in order to enhance mutual cooperation among members. It is expected that 20 companies and organisations worldwide will become social partners of the cluster.

Further economic development and improvement of competitiveness of the cluster is associated will the expansion of new markets, attracting of new members, consolidation of internal relations among the cluster’s members and effective administration of the joint infrastructure.

For further information please contact Ms Boleta Senkienė, INFOBALT Export and Investment Manager, by e-mail boleta@infobalt.lt or phone +370 5 2622623.

The project INFOBALT Information and Communication Technology Cluster (VP2-1.4-ŪM-01-K) is implemented following call No 01 under the measure “Inoklaster LT” (‘the Measure’), Objective 4 “Improving medium for knowledge and technology dissemination, promoting cooperation between business and science in research and technological development”, Priority 1 “Research and technological development for competitiveness of economy and economic growth”, Action Programme for Economic Growth 2007-2013. The total value of the project is EUR 743,455.17, including the support from the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of EUR 371,727.58.