INFORMACINĖ  RAIDA together with Norwegian partners started to implement the new project called „Adaptation, development and commercialization of new non-intrusive corrosion detection methodology“

The aim of the project is to create a new non-invasive corrosion detection system.

The project will develop a new technology and automated, non-contact, non-destructive corrosion detection device that will allow early detection of corrosion and preventing from its spreading. This effective tool for the study of metal corrosion will allow to measure the surface potential and monitor the development of the corrosion process over time. It will also allow to reveal "hot" surface spots before significant corrosion damage occurs and to carry out detailed studies of the corrosion process, helping to develop more effective anti-corrosion strategies. The system will allow all corrosion detection data to be visualized and presented in a 3D/AR model.

The system aiming for energy, land/sea transport industry areas, etc.

The project is partially financed by the funds of the European Union, according to the largest international program EUROSTARS 3.