It is software that can manage the use of mobile equipment (cars, forklifts, cranes, tractors, etc.) and stationary equipment (stationary machinery, equipment, spare parts, etc.) of the company.

Integrated machinery management using the Mach-system will allow you to:

  • create a complete picture of the technical infrastructure of your company;
  • guarantee maximum availability of the main resources;
  • reduce costs of machinery purchases and maintenance;
  • cost-effectively manage the entire life cycle of the equipment;
  • provide greater coherence between maintenance and business objectives;

Mach-system allows you to effectively manage:

  • machinery usage;
  • machinery reliability;
  • scheduling and performance of all types of work;
  • inventory and resources;
  • service level agreements;
  • optimization techniques, including:
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance;
  • Six Sigma;
  • Lean Manufacturing;
  • and Total Productive Maintenance.