Oslo innovation week

From the 23rd to 27th September 2019, the representatives of INFORMACINĖ RAIDA took part in “Oslo Innovation week”.

Oslo Innovation week events were focusing on sustainable development and the circular economy. Participants were invited to work together to take action on global issues. During this week, around 50 events took place over five days on a variety of topics - Future of work; Cities; Quality of life; Entrepreneurship&start-ups; and Explore Oslo.

During the individual meetings held at Oslo Innovation Week, representatives of INFORMACINĖ RAIDA have met and got acquainted with several Norwegian companies and organisations. Also they introduced them company ideas, products and activities. During the discussions, we looked for ways to work together in the future, and listened to suggestions from our Norwegian partners. We also participated in events that were interesting and profitable for us, in a few start-ups presentations, working in the financial industry, and saw which topics are most relevant to the Norwegian market.