For the purpose of getting prepared for research and technological development activities, UAB Informacinė raida, an IT services supplier, invested LTL 35,000, including nearly LTL 25,000 from the European Regional Development Fund and the budget of the Republic of Lithuania, in the technical feasibility study of the Freight Handling and Forwarding Business Management Platform.

UAB Informacinė raida has been working for eight years in the area of port information system development and, as a result, has developed and implemented specialised business management information systems (IS) for companies providing port handling and freight forwarding services. During the project the company assessed technological and economic assumptions for the development of the Freight Handling and Forwarding Business Management Platform for Central Asian markets. The new product would allow for its fast and easy adapting to specific customer needs and would be found attractive by Asian and East European markets. At present the company does not have any such independent system, but it has implemented business management software in companies of this sector based on other systems. In terms of quality, this is going to be a new product having no parallel in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. EU support has been granted for the project under Lithuania’s Strategy for EU Structural Support Absorption 2007-2013 and the measure “Idėja LT” of the Action Programme for Economic Growth.