December, 2021 the representatives of UAB "Informacinė raida" met with representatives of one of the world's largest Danish international shipping and logistics companies "Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab" - DFDS -, founded in 1866, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

During the visit was a great possibility to introduced UAB "Informacinė raida" ideas and products. The representatives of the company told about the company's activities and the product currently being developed under an EU-funded project, which goal is to optimize seaport stevedoring solutions using artificial intelligence. The company were also very interested to hear about the experience, insights and needs of DFDS, to discuss business opportunities. It was a great possibility to exchange best practice examples and knowledge.

The meeting provided an opportunity to better understand the expectations of potential customers and to continue moving in the right direction both within the framework of the project and other company activities related to seaports.