Informacinė raida visit in the exhibition "DMF 2016"


October 25-26, 2016, the repersentatives of Informacinė raida visited exhibition “DMF 2016” in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Informacinė raida visit in the exhibition "TOC Europe 2016"


June 14-15, 2016, the repersentatives of Informacinė raida visited exhibition “TOC Europe 2016” in Hamburg, Germany.

The representatives of Informacinė raida company took part in the exhibition „BreakBulk Europe 2016“ in Antwerp, Belgium


May 23-26, 2016, JSC Informacinė raida“ took part in international breakbulk and project cargo logistics exhibition “BreakBulk Europe 2016” in Antwerp, Belgium. Breakbulk Europe is the largest exhibition and educational forum in the world addressing the needs of traditional breakbulk and project cargo logistics professionals.

INFOBALT information and communication technology cluster is extending into new markets and looks for new members for joint activities


Developing products necessary for the new economy, entering international markets and improving market positions is difficult for individual information and communication technology (ICT) market players. Results can be achieved more effectively by pooling knowledge, infrastructure, human and other resources.

UAB INFORMACINĖ RAIDA and UAB DATA HOUSE invested LTL 773,000 in the development of the new product


In the period from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2012 the project “Development of the integrated insurance business information system” (Project No VP2-1.3-ŪM-02-K-02-146) was implemented under the measure “Intelektas LT” of the Action Programme for Economic Growth, with UAB Informacinė raida acting as the project promoter in cooperation with its partner UAB Data House

UAB Informacinė raida invested LTL 35,000 in the preparation for RTD activities


For the purpose of getting prepared for research and technological development activities, UAB Informacinė raida, an IT services supplier, invested LTL 35,000, including nearly LTL 25,000 from the European Regional Development Fund and the budget of the Republic of Lithuania, in the technical feasibility study of the Freight Handling and Forwarding Business Management Platform.